Volga Region Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism is a unique specimen of the educational institutions for sport and tourism, established in the newest history of Russia. In fact, we have undergone three crucial-importance stages in our history. In 1974, we opened up new horizons, bringing home the branch of the Volgograd Institute of Physical Culture, one of the leading USSR specialized educational bodies. In this way, our region provided the means necessary to keep and develop its sports household, training specialists for professional and amateur sport. As a result, 40 years later around 70% of the Volga Region sport specialists we have in place graduated from our university. Among them, we have distinguished athletes, coaches, instructors, tutors, as well as touristic agents, the ones, who had been at the roots of the touristic industry in early nineties in the Republic of Tatarstan, one of the most stable Russian regions.

The second stage of our development has got to do with the KAMAZ plant. KAMAZ is the largest Russian vehicle producer now, dealing with the Russian famous trucks production and export. It used to be a developing corporation, when in 1986 they took the decision to bring Physical Training Institute to its residence-site, the city of Naberezhnye Chelny. The institute gradually accepted Academy’s status, and developed its academic opportunities to satisfy the city’s needs for  humanitarian specialists. As a result, pedagogics and psychology enriched specialization fields of the Academy, while rising juniors, who wished to proceed combining sport and education, acquired the chance to enter the College of Physical Training and Sport. Candidate thesis council had been established with the view to develop sport sciences, among them medical-biological researches, later on viewed as particularly fruitful for our specialists. Looking back at the achievements, we must consider the financial problems we were supposed to tackle during the Perestroika period, when state education system’s budget left much to be desired and was significantly cut to crown all with the market reforms resulted in the crises.

The third stage of our development dates back to the start of the XXVII World Summer Universiade Bidding Campaign. It finished successfully and brought 2013 Universiade to the city of Kazan. Universiade is a multisport event, designed to  leave grand heritage afterwards, and its newest concept implied to founder an innovative educational center. In this way, a quarter century past, Volga Region Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism returned back to Kazan, where it started, to meet the principal Concept’s tasks. We have preserved our best traditions to realize them with the newest educational standards and top study facilities. Our objective is ambitious, since we aim to combine sport and science with the newest educational technologies, able to meet the needs of the international student movement.

The first admission of our students and its results reflected the growing interest to the newly born Academy, so there is no surprise, that FISU has chosen Volga Region Academy to house the first ever International Educational Center. I do believe, that together with our international partners, foreign students and tutors we will earn new experience and open up new chapter in the Academy’s history. We are looking forward to collaborate with You and develop new promising projects! “Learn to win” is our motto, and we invite you to master it with us!