Anton Kuranov, the student of the Volga Region Academy of Sport and Tourism, Master of Sport in Rowing, is getting ready for the start of a new season – the All-Russian competitions ‘Autumn Starts’, where the selection procedure for the national team of Russia will be held. The race will take place in Rostov-on-Don on October 17-19.

Anton Kuranov comes from Slonim, Belarus. The first successes in sport were achieved with Yelena Kosova, the coach. Now he is trained by the honored coach of RF, Sergei Ulyanov.

‘Rowing develops coordination, power, stamina,’ says the sportsman. ‘As for me, this sport is the test on endurance. I try to overcome all difficulties during training in order to show the best I can do during the competitions.’ Last season Anton became the champion of Russia for the second time. It was one of the most memorable starts of the season. ‘We did it!’ recollects Anton. ‘One more memorable starts was in Lentz, Austria, at the junior Championship for those under 23. We were only the ninth. However, we saw the real situation.’

‘I never let myself think about victory in advance,’ confesses Anton. ‘Race is a performance, where famous people play and win, but sometimes new stars appear! If I lose, I’m not upset, because I know that I’ve lost to dignified competitors.

Speaking about big sport, it should be noted that well-selected coaches can bring up a series of sportsmen, even if there are not a lot of trainees. A qualified coach helps the sportsman not only achieve high results, but also develop in all spheres, be ready for adult life. All facilities at the Rowing Center are excellent for training as well as organizing training camps and competitions. The only problem is its remoteness from public transport stop. The hotel which is near the Center solves the problem only partially. If we take into account all these features, we can say that Kazan may overrun such famous centers of rowing as Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov, Lipetsk, Krasnodar.’

Mariya Sergeeva/ Pavel Zheleznyak

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