High technologies: the students’ enthusiasm and desire to win

The awarding ceremony of the finalists of the Republican competition ‘Solo’ initiated by the President of RT Rustam Minnikhanov was held at IT-park on December 28. About 78000 citizens of the Republic attended the online course on ‘blind’ 10-finger typing on computer. But only 70 participants were chosen to participate in on-site competition.

Among the finalists in the category ‘Students of the Universities’ was the 1-year student of the Academy Darya Larionova. She got the diploma for the third place and a laptop from the Vice-Prime Minister of the Republic, the Minister of Information Technologies and Connections Roman Shaikhutdinov, who said that Tatarstan is really innovative in giving opportunities to get additional skills, especially in the spheres connected with high technologies. The winners were congratulated by the Minister of Education of RT Engel Fattakhov, who marked the significance of constant development of every resident of the Republic.

‘The distant course on the program was attended by 30 students of the 1 course from groups 321, 331, 341, 351,’ says the senior instructor of the department of physics and mathematics and IT Rezeda Khadiullina. ‘9 students took part in ‘Solo’, becoming the finalists. Among them are Darya Larionova, Dinara Akchurina, Gulnaz Galimullina, Dinara Zakirova, Alyona Prostolupova, Regina Sadrutdinova, Liliya Khusnoullina, Alsou Shakirzyanova and Leisan Yarullina. The students got ready attending the research group created in September 2013, which was focused on studying application of IT in the sphere of service, tourism, hospitality as well as physical culture and sport.’

Besides ‘Solo’ competition, the members of the research group successfully participated in the International Open Olympiad on technical means of informatisation organized by the Ural radio and technological college named after A.S. Popov. More than 4 000 students, mostly from technical universities, took part in it, including students from Kazakhstan, Armenia and the Ukraine.

The best result was shown by the students from group 312 Yevgeny Khalturin and Rustem Abdullin. The results of the Olympiad revealed the creative and intellectual potential of the following students: Rifat Abdoullin (gr. 314), Aidar Khabiboullin (gr. 317), Airat Minnegulov, Airat Shagidoulin (gr. 319), Ainur Gabitov, Rodion Otvalko, Sergei Matusevich and Yury Nemtsov (gr. 351). Almaz Sitdikov and Rezeda Khadioullina, who prepared the students, were rewarded by the letters of gratitude from the organizers of the Olympiad.

‘I would like to congratulate our students with their first successes,’ comments Almaz Sitdikov. ‘Let these successes be the stimulus for their further research activity. We are proud of them and we hope they will have unlimited enthusiasm and desire to win’

Yekaterina Kosurova



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