Nail Zagirov: cycling for the silver medal

The student of the Volga Region Academy of Sport and Tourism Nail Zagirov became the silver medalist of the Russian Cup on bike trial. Only 15 out of 35 participants, who started at the first of the 12 stages, reached the final stage. Among them are the representatives from Moscow, Yaroslavl, Samarskaya oblast’, Krasnoyarsk and Perm.

Losing two points to the winner, Nail was faster than another sportsman from Moscow and scored 7 points.

‘The organizers from Moscow prepared for the finals very well, so because of that the level of barriers was striking,’ says the Candidate to Master of Sport on bike trial Nail Zagirov. ‘In general, it was possible to struggle for the first place, but I was not so lucky. But the sportsman who got the third place lost a lot. Next year I will try to go to World Cup in Spain. We’ll see what I manage to do there.’

Bike trial is a discipline of mountain bike, and consists of overcoming obstacles of natural and artificial origin by bike (stones, logs, boards, etc.). The main aim is to pass through all the obstacles without the help of legs, hands or other parts of body.

Pavel Zheleznyak


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