The Academic Council adopted the Program of development for 2013-2020. According to the rector, Yusup Yakubov, who reported in front of the Council, the base for the Program was the Concept of the development of the Academy, which was presented in March 2013 in the Ministry of Sport of RF. The Academy is the first and the only university in the system of sport education in Russia, whose Program was adopted by the federal minister.

The main aim of the realization of the Program is the integration of educational process into sport trainings. At the moment 73 % of the students get specialization in Physical Culture and Sport. Several proposals, made by the administration of the Academy, made it possible to get an official status of the first federal experimental ground in Russia and create the Federal training center for sport reserve of the national teams of Russia on summer sports on the bases of the Gymnastics and Rowing Centers. These processes as well as remarkable sport events of All-Russian and International level will help to achieve the main aim of the Academy – preparation of staff potential, realization of the Program and other key aspects which influence the development of the field. Including attracting non-budget finances for achieving the goals.

The organizational stage is 2013-2014. For this period it is planned to finish preparation and start up of all technical facilities of work and managing the Academy as a complex for projects of broad scale. The heads of the structural divisions of the Academy will be involved. The next stage is 2015-2018 which offers to work out mechanisms and tools for interaction among the Academy’s divisions and their partners. The stage from 2018-2020 will show the stable development and give opportunities to analyze the experience in order to make some corrections. So, this will be the final stage of forming a federal university of a new type by 2020.

The coordination of actions on realization of the Program will be monitored by the rector of the Academy, all corrections are adopted by the Academic Council. Operational management is fulfilled by the creators of the Program, headed by Ilshat Faizullin, the pro-rector on administrative work and social development. The working group includes Viktor Demidov, Firuza Zotova, Ramil Khairoullin, Aidar Salikhov, the head accountant Lubov Develtova, the head of educational department Almaz Galimov, the deans – Yuri Boltikov, Leysan Abinova, the directors of sports objects – Albert Bagautdinov, Liliya Shafeeva, Albert Karimov.

‘This Program is oriented on solving complex tasks in the sphere of Physical Culture and Sport,’ says the rector Yusup Yakubov. ‘For students who get education in tourism and service, a special program will be worked out.’

Yekaterina Kosurova

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