The Open Championship on athletic cross-country running among skiers for the prizes of the Volga Region Academy of Sport and Tourism took place last week in ‘Gorky-2’. More than 100 sportsmen from Tatarstan cities and districts went to the starts at the distances of 3 km and 5 km. Meanwhile, the sportsmen competed not only with each other, but also struggled with the track full of steep hills.

As the result, the winners in their age groups became the students of the Academy, among them are Anastasiya Alyapkina (gr. 212) and Yuliya Timiryasova (gr. 112); Anna Iskandirova (gr. 115) was the second; Gulfina Khametshina (gr. 212) was the third.

Among juniors the winners were: Dmitry Mikhailov (gr. 312), Andrei Tuktamyshev (gr. 312) was the second.

‘These competitions were organized for the purpose of profession-oriented work of the Academy to attract future students,’ says the head coach of the national team of Tatarstan on ski racing and the teacher of the Academy Leonid Savosin. ‘A lot sportsmen from Tatarstan districts have come as well as a great number participants from Kazan. I think that such event will help to attract attention of those who is thinking about choosing the university next year.’

Pavel Zheleznyak

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