The students of the third course of the Volga Region Academy of Sport and Tourism (specialization ‘physical culture’) organized a sports festival for the students of the school # 18 in the Vakhitovsky district, Kazan, as a result of their practice. The event was for the schoolchildren of the 4th grade. ‘Merry starts’ made it possible to single out the winners as well as pleased the children and their teachers.

During their school practice students of the Academy gave lessons using non-standard approaches, and also invited schoolchildren to sections on volleyball, table tennis and outdoor games 2-3 times a week. The report on practice and monitoring of the well-being of schoolchildren due to the deviations in their physical development were the key factor influencing the mark got on the course ‘Theory and methodology of sport’.

‘This year we held students’ practice in our school for the first time,’ says the PE teacher Olga Butovetskaya. ‘This experience is very useful. It is for the first time when we have discussed every element of the lesson. The students of the Academy performed as qualified and responsible coaches,’ she says.

Svetlana Zaikova

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