Viktoriya Vorobyova with a medal from Turkey

The silver medal in the International tournament on badminton Turkey International 2013 was taken by the student of the Volga Region Academy, Viktoriya Vorobyova. The competitions are one of the stages of the Championship of Europe 2014 which finished in Istanbul.

The students of the Academy played together with Vasily Kuznetsov. The Russian sportsmen confidently came to the finals where they faced with Anton Kystie (Finland) and Gabriella Stoeva (Bolgaria). The international duet was more successful and won the competition.

‘The match was equal, our guys just lost a bit,’ commented Andrei Vorobyov, the coach and the father of Viktoriya. ‘During the New Year Viktoriya relaxed a bit and now will comtinue her training to the spring championship of Europe, which will be in Kazan. In January there will be one more international tournament, and in a few days we are planning to come to Kazan ground and participate in Tatarstan Championship.’

Pavel Zheleznyak



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