Mission and strategy

Experience of China, Brazil, Mexico, India, Germany, Canada, USA, France and Japan illustrates, that it is not enough to have just one or two leading universities, located in the capital-cities. There is a need to establish centers for innovative development in a number of Macro-Regions to service their intellectual and workforce demands with the view to enhance their competitive opportunities.  

Universities normally bear the function to realize the mission of a peculiar kind, serving as development agents. Therefore, they enjoy Federal support together with the certain degree of autonomy. There are a few such-like institutions in Russia, and there is a need to organise a chain of educational bodies designed to act as innovative development agents. Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism established in Kazan will meet the described above Mission.

Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism is a major Russian and Tatarstan center of physical culture and pedagogics, students sport, science and culture. It was destined to create and form-up sport and pedagogic elite circles, possessing the opportunities:

-          To generate and realise ideas;

-          To meet international standards in the field of education, health promotion, scientific, sport and another joint and related activities;

-          To impact on social consciousness via cultural, moral and spiritual values 

Realisation of the Mission set brings forward enhancing innovative development of the region and the country as a whole on the international arena. We should emphasize here, that upbringing of sport and pedagogic elite should start since early childhood, relying on a well-established system for gifted children’ search and support (following their personality development).

Tasks of the international positioning of the Volga Macro-Region will require Academy’s active part as an expertise and qualification center.

Academy will play a significant role producing forecasts and project analyses in the field of physical culture, sport and tourism and will deal with the modernisation of the top athletes training system. Analytic and project works , relating to the appreciation and forecasts for innovative development in the fields of physical culture and sport, health promotion, recreational activity in the region, in the country as a whole and abroad.

There is no doubt, that the large scale workforce training project will be the of key importance. By workforce we mean not just an up-to-date personnel, but also advanced and qualified staff, constantly developing via innovation technologies. Academy should grasp leading positions in the field of educating new specialists and upgrading qualification of the personnel we have in place at the regional educational institutions, scientific organisations and in sport clubs. Suchlike Academies will set standards for new competency and expertise while its graduates enter the regional, federal and international labour markets.

Academy will play an important part for modernisation of all the PT education segments in Russia. Academy will involve rich intellectual resources of various educational institutions to implement researches and innovative programs, realising in this way scientific and practical exchange. Academy will serve as a training platform for effective and innovative educational technologies and new programs.

Academy is destined to serve as a major subject of humanisation and social life, leader of social and cultural modernization.

Collaboration “City – Academy” will be an example for successful social-cultural cor-development.  Academy will promote and support cultural and educational development of the capital of the Republic of Tatarstan, displaying cultural, enlightening and modernising missions. Kazan will become the training platform for new approaches towards physical culture, sport and tourism, new concept models of health promotion, recreational activity, developed at the Academy.

Academy will provide cultural-enlightening, sport-oriented and recreational services for citizens, and students will be the priority segment group here.

Maximal intensity of scientific, educational, methodological and technical-material resources combined in the integral system sport-oriented education process will push up education quality progress. Academy’s development is mostly interconnected with innovation systems, are supposed to be established at the Academy for continuing education in the field of sport, physical culture and pedagogics education, to realize all levels of educational programs, starting from students programs up to post graduates education, retraining and qualification upgrading, training of top athletes and scientific researches in this field.

With the view to fully realise the functions there is a need for introducing joint international standards in the system of higher education quality control, strengthening of information-technical coverage/guidance for scientific, educational and training process, developing of the university’s open character, mobility for students and personnel, correlation between the educational programs, strengthening of the all-Russian and international prestige of the Academy.

Scientific researches, reflecting the innovative character of its development, as well as rating indicators, top quality as key characteristics of the modern world’s education should form up the ground for the Academy’s educational system.

On the assumption of all mentioned above, the principal objective for the Academy will be to strengthen its positions as a large federal and international physical culture, sport-oriented  and pedagogics education center, center for students sport, science and culture, contributing to the national development, strengthening of its intellectual, moral and cultural, and sport potency of the society, strengthening of understanding between people, countries and nations.