Aleksandr Krasnykh is the finalist of the Olympic Games 2016

This night at the Olympic Games in Brazil the results of the final among men in 200m freestyle swim were announced.

The student of the Academy, the swimmer from Tatarstan, Aleksadr Krasnykh, was able to enter the top-8 swimmers of the world. Showing the result 1:45.91, he ended the list of 8 finalists.

‘The result could be better,’ commented one of his coaches Sergei Kuznetsov. ‘Perhaps, this happened because Aleksandr is young, his is only 21 and the 4th place in semi-final influenced him on psychological level. He has a strong result. But we wanted to have the sixth place not the eighth.’

Now Aleksandr will participate in the relay 4x200m.


Aleksandr Krasnykh is from Bugulma, the student of the 3d course of the Academy, the future coach-teacher. According to the result of the selection, he was the only sportsman from Tatarstan who entered the Russian national team at XXXI Olympic Games in Rio-de-Janeiro.

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