Federal sports and training center of gymnastics

Letter of entry into the all-Russian register of sports facilities


  • Sports hall for competitions in the size of 72×40 m
  • 2 training halls for rhythmic gymnastics 18×48 m in size
  • 2 gyms for gymnastics 18×48 m in size
  • Massage room
  • Conference hall
  • Stands for 3200 seats
  • Hotel for temporary accommodation of athletes for 36 seats

The gymnastics center is one of the largest gymnastics arenas.

It has multifunctional grounds for training and organization of competitions of any level.After the 2013 Universiade, the Gymnastics Center is actively used for the training process. Currently, students of SDYUSSHOR "Privolzhanka" and DYUSSH in gymnastics and acrobatics train here on a budget basis. Daily classes are conducted by coaches of the gymnastics School of Olympic Champion Yulia Barsukova. Daily classes are held students Patchset. The Fitness center with a set of various fitness programs successfully functions.


    Price list for paid services provided in the Federal gymnastics sports and training center

    Shafeeva Lilliya Planitovna

    Director of FST gymnastics center

    Administrator: (843) 221 23 28

    Address: Kazan, Syrtlanova str., 6

    Website: www.gymnastics-center-kazan.ru


    Interactive tour of the Federal gymnastics sports and training center