Kazan is a unique place, a bizarre fusion of East and West. There are several reasons to learn and experience the local culture here:

  • To see the white-stone Kazan Kremlin and the famous "falling" Syuyumbike tower. According to local folklore, Princess Suyumbike threw herself off the top of the tower to avoid having to marry Ivan the Terrible, however it is estimated that the tower was built over a hundred years after Ivan stormed Kazan.
  • To admire the grace and richness of the decoration of the Kul-Sharif mosque. Destroyed by Ivan the Terrible in 1552, this resplendent mosque was only rebuilt in 2005. The museum inside focuses on the history of Islam in the Volga region.
  • To walk along the Embankment and marvel at the bizarre energy and scale of the Palace of Farmers. Built in just two years, the new home of the Ministry of Agriculture typifies baroque grandiosity.
  • To walk along the "Kazan Arbat", Bauman Street. Its Kazan’s main pedestrian artery. Bauman Street keeps locals going day and night. Filled with bars, shops, souvenirs and historic buildings, it is well worth a stroll down the strip any time of day.
  • To participate in the Sabantuy — summer festival of farmers in rural areas, which became a national holiday and now is widely celebrated in the cities.
  • To taste local delicacies such as echpochmak and chak-chak. And many, many others.