Research strategy for 2012 - 2015

- Researches on criterions for sport selection (psychological, biochemical, physiological, biomechanical and genetics);

- Researches on complex analyses of physical fitness for athletes;

- Researches on the methods for assessment for physical abilities potential on DNA-based technologies;

- Researches on morphology model characteristics for top athletes;

- Researches on individual training programs for effective rehabilitation after injuries and sport results progress’

- Researches on health and cure programs, based on physical exercises for preschool children and school children with health problems;

- Researches on modern healthy meals system for children-junior sport schools of Olympic Reserve ;

- Sport reserve training system;

- Researches on food impact on energy and plastic resources of the athletes’ organism, testing of sport food and goods;

- Researches on scientific ground for training and competition norms balance for children and juniors;

- Researches on rehabilitation methods for functional resources and efficiency of athletes.

- Researches on athletes preparation management system, based on modern computer technologies;

- Researches on methods for assessment and correction of biomechanical problems;

- Researches on physical rehabilitation and social adaptation methods for disabled;

- Researches on diagnosis methods and psychological athletes’ rehabilitation;

- Researches on individual electronic ID for athletes;

- Medical – biological and pedagogical-psychological assistance for sport training;