At the head of the corner is the sports medicine

02.10.2019 в 16:48
At the head of the corner is the sports medicine

On October 4 and 5, the Volga region Academy of sports will host the scientific Congress "Integrative medicine in sport, physical culture and health improvement of the nation", organized by the University together with the National Association of traditional and complementary medicine, the Public organization of specialists in traditional medicine of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Kazan state medical Academy.
Integrative medicine implements the principle of solving problems related to human health using effective methods of diagnosis and treatment of Eastern and Western medicine. The same principle applies in sports medicine. That is why the Volga region Academy initiated such a joint scientific forum. The unusual format of the event attracted a solid cohort of authoritative experts to the Congress.
The exchange of views promises to be fruitful, and the list of forum guests looks promising. The head of the Department of sports medicine and medical rehabilitation of the First Moscow state University will tell about the state of national sports medicine through the prism of the attitude of doctors, coaches and athletes to it at the plenary session. I. M. Sechenova Yevgeny Achkasov. Head of the Department of rehabilitation and sports medicine of the Kazan state medical Academy RESEDA Bodrova will share with the audience her experience in the field of sports rehabilitation, and her colleague, Professor of the Department Gulnara Safiullina will present her view on the possibility of using traditional medicine in health programs. The topic of homeopathy as an equal part of medicine will be presented by the rector of the Moscow National educational center of traditional and complementary medicine Maria Tomkevich. The representative of the University-organizer-Director of the educational and scientific center of technologies of preparation of sports reserve of the Volga region Academy of sports, Professor Radik Yakupov will acquaint colleagues and listeners with the results of the team in the field of biomedical support of athletes and sports enthusiasts:
- It is no accident that the Volga Academy has become a platform for uniting scientific forces. We are working on the creation of a scientific school that integrates all technologies - sports, medical, and pedagogical, based on the fact that sport is an interdisciplinary industry. For the solution of our problems all methods which give result are admissible. Even if the basic science and questions these methods. The Congress will bring together experts in three areas: sports medicine, homeopathy and traditional medicine (reflexology, acupuncture, manual therapy, etc.). Our task is to understand what we can do together in the interests of athletes and people engaged in physical culture for health. Sports medicine does not raise the question of how to treat patients, because a person engaged in sports, conditionally, can be considered healthy. Developing technologies of support of athletes in Academy, we form in many respects unique approach. For the scientific substantiation of the methods, it is necessary to have the material and technical base, which the Academy has and to combine efforts with narrow specialists, who consider this direction not as a craft, but as a scientific specialty. I am sure that the Congress will be the first step towards unification.
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