5 medals of the Universiade among representatives of the Volga region sports Academy

10.07.2019 в 17:51
5 medals of the Universiade among representatives of the Volga region sports Academy

The world summer Universiade 2019 is in full swing in Naples. On the next competition day, representatives of the Republic of Tatarstan, acting as part of the student team of Russia, won three medals: 1 "gold" and 2 "silver". Two of the three awards belong to swimmers-"academicians": 
Grigory Tarasevich won a silver medal in swimming at a distance of 200 meters on his back and in the final heat showed the time 1:57.91. First place in the American Austin Katz (1:55.65), the third – his compatriot Clark beach (1:57.96). Tarasevich for this medal was the third at the competition in Naples – informed Gregory won the "gold" and "bronze" for the distances of 100 and 50 meters backstroke respectively.
Irina Prikhodko won a silver medal in the 800 meters freestyle. A student of the Volga region Academy of sports, a native of Naberezhnye Chelny, in the final swim showed the time 8:37.36 seconds. On the podium the company Tatarstan athlete made swimmers from Japan – won Vaka Kobori (8:34.30), in third place Chinatsu Sato (8:38.19). For Prikhodko, this medal was the second in the competition in Naples – previously Irina won the bronze medal in the women's relay at a distance of 4x200 meters freestyle.
One step away from the Universiade medal was another representative of the Volga region sports Academy - Ernest Maksumov, who took part in the 4x200 meters freestyle relay as part of the Russian national team. In the final heat, the Russian Quartet showed the fourth time (7:14.94), lagging behind the bronze medalists – the Australian team – by only 0.19 seconds. The victory in the relay was won by the us team (7:09.77), the second place was taken by students from Italy (7:10.43).
Another offensive fourth place went to Tatarstan in competitions on bench shooting. Color student's Russian national team in Skeet defended students of Volga Academy - Sergey Demin and Regina Shakirov. In the men's tournament, Sergey Demin was the leader in the qualifying round with an excellent result of 123 hits out of 125, thus fulfilling the standard of the master of sports of international class. But in the final round made 5 misses and hitting 35 of 40 targets, stopped a step away from the podium in 4th place. In the women's student tournament, Regina Shakirova finished the competition one step from the final. Tatarstan athlete took 7th place, hitting 106 targets out of 125 possible in the preliminary round.
Thus, according to the results of the 6th day of the Universiade, all athletes of the Volga region Academy have 5 medals – 1 "gold", 2 "silver" and 2 "bronze".
According to the press service of the Ministry of sports of the Republic of Tatarstan