Results of the 2018 year. Volga region Academy is the sports heart of Kazan! One and a half million visitors and a thousand victories!

24.12.2018 в 13:19
Results of the 2018 year. Volga region Academy is the sports heart of Kazan! One and a half million visitors and a thousand victories!

The Volga region Academy of sports and tourism summed up the results of 2018. At the annual ceremony were announced the names of the athlete and athlete of the year according to the University, awarded the leaders of the rating of the teaching staff of the Academy, the winners of the annual student award " Learn to win!"and the corporate Employee of the year award.
While the nominees and their support groups filled the concert hall of the Academy, the audience was entertained from the stage By Santa Claus. For the correct answers to the questions of an improvised quiz, everyone present was able to get their prize. The audience was especially pleased with the associate Professor of sports management, recreation and sports tourism Gulnaz Ageeva and senior lecturer of the Department of theory and methodology of sports games Olesya Matvienko, who fought in a dance battle for a subscription to the children's football club "champion" for their sons. Mother-teachers showed a high class that its Executive Director - Ruslan Timerkaev, part-time Santa Claus, I had to reward both subscriptions.
Finally the hall was filled and the ceremony began. Addressing all those present from the stage, the rector of the Volga Academy Yusup Yakubov said that in 2018 the Academy entered the rating of Russian universities 5x100 and became the first among the sports universities of Russia. "We started the year with the accreditation of all our educational programs for the next 6 years," he said, " Increased the number of training areas and representation of the country's regions among students. More than 1000 first-year students were accepted. We opened the dissertation Council, held the first defense ... but we continue to learn to teach, train, hold events. We master new technologies and build partnerships. Kazan is the sports capital of Russia, and our University is its sports heart!»
Deputy Minister of education of the Republic of Tatarstan Azat Sharapov awarded the leaders of the teaching rating. He noted that the University today has not only the best material base in the country, but also invaluable human capital in the form of 3 thousand students and 200 teachers. "The Academy forms its traditions and it is important for its image both in Russia and in the Republic," Sharapov summed up. Diplomas and valuable gifts at the end of the year were awarded: head of the Department of theory and methodology of volleyball and basketball, doctor of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Igor Konovalov, who became in 2018 not only "head of the Department of the year", but also the leader of the teaching rating. The honorary title of "Professor of the year" went to doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of theory and methodology of cyclic sports Ildar Latypov. The title of "associate Professor of the year" received acting head of the Department of theory and methodology of gymnastics, candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor Lyubov Botova. "Senior teacher of the year" was recognized as Anvar Valiakhmetov, representing the Department of theory and methodology of football and hockey. Two new post-graduate student of the University received this year's teaching recognition. World champion in belt wrestling, Honored master of sports of Russia Gabdyzhalil Suleymanov was named " Teacher of the year "(Department of theory and methodology of martial arts), the title of" Young teacher of the year "was awarded the winner of the Grand Prix" Student of the year-2017", a scholarship of the President of Russia Dilyara Bashirova. By the way, the Department of theory and methodology of physical culture and sports, where a promising teacher works, became the winner in the nomination "Department of the year". Collective award from the stage got the head of the Department, candidate of pedagogical Sciences, associate Professor Hope Mugalimova.
No less solemn was the award in the corporate nomination "Employee of the year". A total of 42 representatives of the structural units of the Academy were nominated for a corporate award. Rector of the Volga Academy Yusup Yakubov thanked all those present in the hall for their work and awarded the top 10 of the list. The head of the residential complex of the Academy Ksenia Zubkova successfully combines work with fitness classes (according to her, she lost 5 kg during the settlement of students in the Universiade Village). The head of Department on work with youth and corporate policy Catherine Kocurova it is time to open your own recruitment Agency (admitted that in the past year gathered a fifth under the account a professional team). The head of the Department for social and educational work Aliya Garipova has traditionally spent this year his vacation at the forums "Selet"in the field. The head of the Department of education quality management Venera Sultanova in the past year celebrated the anniversary of her husband, and the daughter of the head of the Department of postgraduate and doctoral Natalia Leonova became a first-grader. The head of the planning and economic Department Ilnaz Salakhov is engaged in volleyball as a hobby, and the specialist of the student cultural center Sabina Gizatulina this year not only married, but also engaged in directing. Intra-University gala concert "freshman day-2018" - her creation. Head of the international cooperation Department Veronika gayvoronskaya enters the new year as a certified "guide-interpreter". Housewarming will be remembered in 2018, the chief mechanic of the transport Department Ilnar Abzalov and teacher-psychologist Anton Zanin, who in addition to buying an apartment and made a good career breakthrough - became Deputy Dean for educational work at the faculty of sports.
In his welcoming speech, the rector of the Volga Academy of sports and tourism Yusup Yakubov outlined the figure of 1.5 million people. So many visitors visited the facilities of the University in 2018. All educational and sports complexes of the University are at the same time city arenas, host events and tournaments of different levels. The smooth operation of the facilities is ensured by their employees, who also received a portion of the audience's attention at the final event. Among them are the plumber of the ice complex "Zilant" Nikolay Kiselev, the head of the household Kazan tennis Academy nail Nasyrov, the senior instructor of the badminton Centre Elena Samburova, the engineer-heating engineer Andrew Machines, senior administrator of the hotel "Regata" of the Center of rowing sports Dina Safina, instructor of swimming-pool "Burevestnik" ANAS Muhammadiev and Director of the Palace of water sports albert Bagautdinov. First Deputy Minister of sports of the Republic of Tatarstan Khalil Shaykhutdinov congratulated them and all those present on the upcoming holiday.
"We have already got used to the fact that we have such a solid, powerful and modern Academy of sports," Khalil Shaykhutdinov said from the stage. – But when guests come to us, they remind us that this does not happen everywhere. We are lucky to live in Tatarstan. It is no accident that athletes from all over the country, including from St. Petersburg and Moscow, go to the Academy. Such as Olympic champion and synchronised swimmer Svetlana Romashina. And Tatarstan sports stars-winner of the winter Olympic games 2018, skier Andrey Larkov gives the Academy a reason to be proud of its graduates. Today it is difficult to imagine the sports industry of the Republic without the Volga Academy. You occupy a worthy place in the system of training athletes of Tatarstan, have talented students receiving fundamental education. The President of Tatarstan, being here a few days ago, said that he supported, supports and will support sports. So we are next to you, waiting for the landing of "academicians" for the winter Universiade in Krasnoyarsk. We wish you new wins and brightest names in 2019!»      
Summing up the results of the sports year in the Volga region Academy, Khalil Shaykhutdinov solemnly presented diplomas and valuable gifts to coaches of the year – Azat Akhatov (individual sports, wrestling) and Oles Matvienko (game sports, basketball), as well as to the Manager of the educational and laboratory building albert Kamaletdinov, whose object won in a difficult competition among the sports facilities of the University-favorites of open voting – gymnastics center, rowing center and pool "Burevestnik". All-Russian student games of martial arts (the stage of the Volga region), received a grant of Rosmolodezh was recognized as "Event of the year". "Sports team of the year "was the men's volleyball team "Academy-Kazan", which sent its video greetings from the away tour of the championship of Russia, as well as student-volleyball player Irina Voronkova, who became this year's"Athlete of the year". The world champion in wrestling on belts Ilnar Zakirov along with the title of "sportsman of the year 2018" according to the University received from the hands of the first Deputy Minister of the coveted jacket with the company logo of the University. As well as the winner of the Grand Prix of the Academy student award " Learn to win!"In 2018, Alina mishkina, student of the faculty of service and tourism. Deputy Minister of youth of the Republic of Tatarstan Anna Zakhmatova congratulated her from the stage.
"Students of the Volga region Academy know firsthand what a healthy lifestyle and sports are. And I even envy them a little, - Anna Zakhmatova shared from the stage, - " Learn to win! - a great slogan that gives strength to all students of the Academy. For those who won today, this is only the first step. But even if you didn't win, the sense of belonging and friendship that is born in the University between you is more important. It's expensive! I wish you to find new friends and continue to learn to win!»
To be able to lose with dignity is also an art that students who have applied for the prize "Learn to win!"in 10 nominations. For many of the participants the contest becomes a moment of truth, the result-a new starting point. The students wrote about this and many other things in their contest essays, which the participants of the ceremony could read before entering the concert hall. And here are the names of the winners: "Intellect of the year" - Aida Hubbatulin, "Foreign student of the year" - Gulnara guest house Akhmedov, "Tutor of the year" - Liana Dutkina, "Warden of the year" - Carina Khairullina, "volunteer of the year" - Diana Lemeshev, "Mediaperson of the year" - Rinas Shiriaev, "a Sports organizer of the year" - Alexander Kryukov, "Creative person of the year" - Dmitry Selkov, "social Activist of the year" - Alexander Lokalov.

Preparation for participation in the award brings together students, regardless of what faculty they study. At the end of the award ceremony, there were many raptures and tears, but the students remained friendly. "My goal was to make myself known," says Evgenia Osipova, the Creator of the author's television program. - Rinas won with dignity. He's great, I believed in him." "I am very happy with my victory," says Dmitry Silkov. - Although from the first year I conduct concerts and events at the Academy, I did not expect that I would win. The opponents were worthy." "Each of my competitors has done a lot and could claim to win - shares Diana Lemesheva." "I came to support not only classmates, but also the guys who I am a tutor - says Karina Khairullina. - I made friends with my opponents in the nomination. We support each other."
A year passed, the results summed up. But how many goals and peaks are yet to come?!