"Academicians" are the winners of the Student volleyball League

11.04.2019 в 17:59
"Academicians" are the winners of the Student volleyball League

The team of the Volga region Academy of sports became the winner of the highest division of the Student volleyball League among men's teams. Final duels of tournament - a match for the third place and a meeting in which the champion was defined – took place on April 9 in the sports hall "Burevestnik". In the "bronze" final CFU students beat the team of KNITU-KAI, and in the "title" meeting "academicians" defeated the students of kgasu with the score 3:0.
With the same score ended almost meeting ended drawing Student volleyball League with the participation of the Academy team. In most cases, the team made up of students playing for "Academy-Kazan" in the Major League "A" and "Zenit-UOR" on the head surpassed rivals. According to the head coach of the team Vladimir Sambukov, the team lost only one game in the season – in a match with KFU, in a situation where due to injuries the mentor was forced to introduce a couple of students not playing for the national team on a regular basis. 
- Just now looking for these guys to hand over their medals, said in an interview Vladimir Samokov.
On Tuesday after the final match the players of the national team were awarded diplomas and medals. In addition, the Academy team, as a winner, will receive a certificate for 130 thousand rubles for the purchase of sports equipment. The silver prize-winner will get a certificate for 110 thousand rubles, and the participants of the bronze final will be able to buy equipment for 90 and 70 thousand rubles.