"Academics" among the winners of the championship of Russia in ski racing

09.04.2019 в 15:08
"Academics" among the winners of the championship of Russia in ski racing

In the championship of Russia on ski races held in the ski center "Malinovka" the Arkhangelsk region. students of the Volga region Academy won four medals.
Sergey Ardashev was the third in the distance of 50 kilometers, the second in the sprint, and also won the 4x10 km relay in the Udmurtia team. Ilya Semikov, representing the Republic of Komi, completed the 50-kilometer race, showing the second result (the winner at this distance was Maxim Vylegzhanin, for whom this season was the last in his career). Egor Kazarinov has helped the Tatarstan team to win the bronze medal in the relay 4X10.
Along with Kazarinova on the tracks in "the Robin" in the national team of Tatarstan was made by "academics" Christina Matsokina, Svetlana Ziangirova, Jaroslav Rybochkin and Diamond Taipov.
At the end of the competition, the team of the Republic of Tatarstan won a confident victory in the team competition, gaining 2624 points. The silver prize - winners- team Udmurtskoi of the Republic of 1831 points. The three best national team of the Republic of Komi (1712) closed.  
Tatarstan became the winners of the tournament regardless of the results of two more starts, which will be offset by the championship of Russia. April 13 in Apatity will be women's 50-kilometer race with a mass start, and the next day in Monchegorsk men will determine the strongest at a distance of 70 km. Note that last season the silver medalist at this distance was Ilya Semikov.