Akademik won the competition for top shots in the ASB all-star Game

03.02.2020 в 00:00
Akademik won the competition for top shots in the ASB all-star Game

One of the main characters of the ASB all-star Match held in Ufa was a student of the Volga region Academy of sports, Shukhrat Muradkhadzhayev. The leader of the men's basketball team of the University became the most productive player in the team "East" and won the competition on top shots.   
It is worth noting that for Shukhrat, the victory in the slam dunk contest was the second in a row. After performing the final attempt, he took off the game Jersey, under which was the form of the tragically deceased recently legendary basketball player Kobe Bryant. For winning the contest, Akademik received a check for 30 thousand rubles from the organizers.
On the day of the match, Shukhrat was waiting for another pleasant surprise: his mother came to Ufa to watch the game of "Akademika".
- Actually, she was going to come to Kazan for the matches of the VTB Student super League, - said Olesya Matvienko, the coach of the Academy team, who joined the coaching staff of the Vostok team. – But I suggested that she attend a star Match in Ufa, in which her son is taking part…   
Muradkhadzhayev's 19 points helped Vostok beat the West team (127: 117). Together with him, the winner of the match was a student of the Volga Academy of sports, a player of BC "Kazanochka" Natalia Makushina.
- The main thing is that the organizers of the match in Ufa managed to create such an atmosphere that its participants felt like real basketball stars.  Matvienko said. - This is the number of spectators in the stands and famous guests, including the head of Bashkortostan. In terms of organization, the hosts fully met the requirements of the ASB, and treated the students as professionals.  As for the game,I can't say that it was an exhibition match. There was a real struggle in the last quarter. But this is not the first time I participate in such events and I know that the main thing in such games is not to entertain players, to convince them that they should not prove anything to anyone here, they are already "stars". And at the same time, you need to organize and rally the guys. This time we had a team where the guys were determined to relax and work…