Among the participants of the Olympiad in physical culture, only fans of the Volga Academy!

24.01.2020 в 16:46
Among the participants of the Olympiad in physical culture, only fans of the Volga Academy!

On Thursday, the Volga region Academy of sports launched the VIII Olympiad in physical culture, traditionally timed to the open day, which will be held at the University on Saturday, January 25.
The "academic" Olympiad, the winners and prize-winners of which receive an additional 5 points in addition to diplomas when entering the University, is not accidentally held almost simultaneously with the open day. All of its 72 participants are future Academy entrants. This time, absolutely everything. Last year, almost immediately after the University Olympiad, the all-Russian one was held, for which many students preferred to prepare in Kazan. This time, only those who chose it for their future studies came to the Academy. Even if they still have a year to spend in high school. And even if they had to spend more than a day on the road to participate in the Olympics. For example, Natalia mukhametzyanova and her son Denis came to Kazan from the village of Yar-Sale in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district. To do this, they first covered almost 200 km by all-terrain vehicle along the Yumba river to Salekhard, and from there by plane on a direct flight to Kazan. The road is not only long, but also not cheap. But Denis is determined to enter the Volga Academy. They visited Kazan for the first time last year. And now we have come to the Olympics purposefully. Denis intends to spend the remaining time before entering the program to improve his knowledge of biology and skills of a hockey player. At the Academy, he dreams of studying to become a hockey coach.
These are the fans of the Volga Academy who participate in the University Olympiad. Moreover, according to the head of the Department of theory and methodology of cyclic sports Sergey Pavlov, the geography of participants is expanding rapidly. This year, students from five regions of Russia came to Kazan to participate in the Olympiad, not counting students from Kazan and other regions of Tatarstan.
Traditionally, the award ceremony for the winners and prize-winners of the Olympiad will take place on the day of the open day – the day of students, January 25, in the concert hall of the Academy.