Award "Student of the year" of the Republic of Tatarstan: "academicians" do not give up!

01.02.2019 в 16:50
Award "Student of the year" of the Republic of Tatarstan: "academicians" do not give up!

The ceremony of awarding the winners and laureates of the XIV Republican award "Student of the year of the Republic of Tatarstan 2018" ended for students of the Volga Academy of sports and tourism on the stage of the KRK "Pyramids" in four categories.
The prize winners were Diana Lemesheva ("Volunteer of the year"), Ilya Smirnov ("public Man of the year"), Jamagul Achylova ("Foreign student of the year", special prize) and Irina Yashina (Grand Prix of the year).
On the eve of the day of awarding the post-graduate student of the Volga Academy of sports Dilyara Bashirova, who became last year the winner of the Grand Prix "Student of the year" said that she was going to use her chance to study at any foreign University, given to her as the winner by the government of the Republic.
- I chose a master's degree in sports management, Marshall University (one of the oldest public institutions of higher education and the second largest University in West Virginia, approx. ed.) And after studying I'm going to return to Tatarstan and use my knowledge here. We chose this University together to study food together with our young man.
For awarding the winners and laureates Dilyara watched from the hall "Pyramids". She says that she was very worried about " academics»:
- I thought a good chance to become the winners were Ilya and Gamagol. As for Irina, there was doubt that for the second year in a row the Grand Prix will be given to our University. With Diana Lemesheva was not so familiar to assess its chances of winning. I liked the ceremony very much, for the nominees it is a moment they will never forget.
Diana Lemesheva confirmed the words of dilara: 
 I was worried sick! Was shocked when I saw the lists, I thought even in the top ten will not enter. On reaching the final after the full-time stage learned from phone greetings! This is the first experience of participation in the competition, I did not expect that it will be so successful. Helped experience to be on the internal stage intra-University competition. Before the jury of the Republican contest she performed more calmly. I didn't even use the tablet... My performance was largely improvised. I prefer to speak from the heart, what I think, rather than memorize the text in advance. For me, reaching the final is a huge personal victory. In the hall suddenly felt the mood to go to the end. But strong disappointment at the announcement of the winner has not experienced all of the finalists were worthy of winning. All this history has become an additional incentive for development, will definitely participate in the next competition.  I know what I need to add. Understand that it is not necessary to dwell on the event volunteering. I'm going to try myself in the social sphere. 
Ilya Smirnov in his summing up the competition was brief:
- The ceremony was great! I achieved my goals: I was on the stage with worthy competitors. No frustration or resentment – the winner is deservedly given the top prize.
Undergraduate, Jumagul Achylova with her 9 years of experience in the field of international student organizations was perhaps the most obvious contender for victory in the competition. It was she who in his time founded the Commonwealth foreign students of KNRTU (Kazan state technological University). Today she heads the Association of foreign students of Kazan, and at the final stage of the all-Russian contest "Student of the year", held in the Volga region Academy, she was the moderator of the nomination "Foreign student". The jury awarded Jumagul a special prize, which is likely to crown the public work of Achylova. In the future, she intends to focus on her professional career.
But Irina Yashina is likely to try to conquer the top of the competition again.
- After the performance at the intramural stage, I somehow immediately realized who had the best chance of winning (and was not mistaken). This was evident from the performance of the future Grand Prix winner-a student of the medical University Andrei Anisimov. A more confident and compelling. I honestly did not expect to get into the final. I understand that next year I need to achieve more. My strengths are science and sport. I hope that this will succeed. And once again to be nominated for the award ceremony. That's awesome!  Though hard: two and a half hours of waiting and nerves.