Camera, light... Ready to Work and Defense!

04.07.2019 в 17:06
Camera, light... Ready to Work and Defense!

The Volga region Academy together with the Federal operator VFSK TRP continues the implementation of the project aimed at promoting the sports complex.
            For two weeks the company Sinokrot shoots videos on the guidelines of the experts of Volga Academy of sport. Students and staff of the University, including the Vice-rector Ramil Khairullin, the swimmer Aleksey Merzlyakov, gymnast Sophia Martysheva, the instructor of the gym Ala Khafizova, a specialist in landscaping Venera Karimova, a specialist in youth work Chulpan Galieva, the teacher of chair of foreign languages and linguistics Albina Ibraeva, as well as their family members became heroes of videos depicting self-study performance standards. 
            "Our whole family became a member of the project. Children for the first time tried themselves on the set as actors, gained a new wonderful experience. Were, so to speak, professional samples, - says Chulpan Galiev. – Now in our family collection there will be not only a video, but also a new tradition - the implementation of the standards of the family TRP!"
                Not left aside from the project and students who actively spend the summer in a health camp on the basis Of the center of rowing sports. They became the heroes of the story on mobile games and doing what you love - playing catch, tag, dodgeball and football.
            "The guys had a great time, - says the sports instructor of the rowing Center and swimming coach Daria Mashkovskaya. - The girls liked the salochki better, and the boys, of course, football. But the most vivid emotions they have aroused the mascots of the TRP – the hare and the Wolf. Large "animated" mascots charged the boys with energy and a positive mood along with the crew. I'm sure the guys will remember this summer day for a long time!"