Choose, student, or you will lose!

11.04.2019 в 09:45
Choose, student, or you will lose!

On April 18 at 17 o'clock in the concert hall "Academy" will be held elections of the updated composition of the Student Council of the Academy - the main body of student self-government in the University. The election procedure takes place every two years. April 18 will be held elections of the fifth composition of the Student Council since the appearance of the University in Kazan. Here, for the next couple of years, those who will form the "student" agenda of the University life will be determined.
For the past two weeks, candidates for the positions of heads of six sectors of the student Council, responsible for different areas of work meet with representatives of the student community in the framework of the curatorial hours of academic groups. Each of them determines 5 delegates to the reporting-election conference of the student Council. Delegates will have to choose the most worthy candidates. There is a chance that those who come to the conference as a delegate will be self-nominees. This is provided by the regulations on the Student Council of the Academy. In the meantime, those who are ready to take responsibility for student life at the Academy, share their impressions of meetings with students of different courses.
- I tell students about what the organizational sector of the student Council, a candidate for the post of head of which, running, — says Alena Fadeeva. - I immediately try to understand what the students of the Academy are most concerned about. So far, among the voiced problems, the queues in the dining room and the opportunity to pass to the educational building through all the checkpoints are leading.
- We discuss with students the appointment of scholarships - says the candidate for the post of head of the social sector Albina farkhutdinova. – There are, of course, different "wishlist" - to reduce the school week to five days, to increase the lunch break. But, what I want to note, some groups are not ready to discuss the issues of student life, do not show activity and do not enter into a dialogue, as if it does not concern them! It looks a bit strange, because we are studying at the same University and will represent the interests of all students of the Academy, both inside and outside.
- Many freshmen do not know what the Student Council — supports colleagues-the candidates Alexander Abreeva. - Senior courses have an idea of what the student activists are doing. Often students are interested in coverage of sports competitions, attracting support groups to the games that are held at the Academy. However, they are interested in what the student will do in this direction and are very surprised if you ask in response, and are they ready to become a fan or tell about their participation in a sports tournament? Almost every group I met wished me not to lose the "fuse" of the activist, which means that I am supported in my endeavors, and it is very pleasant.
"My future voters talked about changing the format of events," Aziza fayzullina adds.  The students love the movement, interactivity, inclusion. The participants of the meetings wished me to be responsive to the interests of students and to recruit effective teams in each sector.
- There are two polar points of view on the information in the Academy. To someone it is too much, and to someone it is categorically not enough, - the candidate for a post of the head of information sector of student Council of Academy Irina okhotnikova speaks. – I think it depends on the position of the person. After all, if he is subscribed to academic instagram or official groups of Vkontakte media center, student Council and the Academy, he is aware of everything that is happening at the University. I am glad that most students are active and interested in what is happening at the Academy. It's inspiring!
- As a candidate for the position of head of the volunteer sector of the student Council, I am concerned about the life position of each student, his human values, - summed up the words of the candidates Jan Serafimovich. – It depends on which direction our sector will move forward, what projects to implement. To be honest, at the meetings the guys have already thrown me a couple of ideas, I think together we can bring them to life! In the meantime, preparing for the election speech. See you on April 18!