Click-click-click-populate the newcomer!

28.08.2019 в 17:20
Click-click-click-populate the newcomer!

To pay for accommodation in a hostel to the student of the Volga Academy of sports who is the client of Sberbank since this year not simply, and very simply!
To do this, you need to download the mobile application "Sberbank-online"to your smartphone. But even those who have done this for a long time, will be pleasantly surprised by the new service, with which payment can be made in a few clicks.
To do this, go to the "payment or transfer". Then in the column "search" type "Volga Academy". The search engine will immediately give you three answers. You should choose the first: of the "Volga Gapkit. The hostel accommodation.
Another way: a payment or transfer - payments - education - Universities, schools, colleges, technical colleges of the Volga Gapkit.
In both cases, when making the necessary amount to the account of the University, you must enter your name, surname and patronymic in the appropriate column. 
And, as they say, voila! It remains to wait for the day of settlement in the hostel and do not forget to take a screenshot and print the receipt. We remind you that the great migration this year is scheduled for 6,7,8 September.