Earn, save, teach and relax: at the facilities of the Academy have decided on the goals for 2019

01.02.2019 в 15:56
Earn, save, teach and relax: at the facilities of the Academy have decided on the goals for 2019

In January, seven training facilities of the Volga region Academy held final meetings of labor collectives, during which the rector, facility managers and their employees summed up the results of economic and economic activities in the past 2018. In General, the Academy manages to carry out its main task - to conduct educational activities - and at the same time to earn money for development, while maintaining an impressive material base in working condition.
- The Academy is still a growing organism, Yusup Yakubov said, addressing the participants of one of the meetings…
Annual changes in the operating conditions of the facilities are caused by the growth process.  During all eight years of the Academy's work in Kazan at all its facilities, the training segment of the activity has been steadily growing, absorbing the rest of the income by increasing the number of students. This has become particularly noticeable in recent years. At the same time, the increase in the number of students automatically entails an increase in costs: new teachers with their salaries, new utilities and maintenance payments…
That is why, referring to the staff of the facilities, Yusup Yakubov invariably focused on the following figures: compared to the last academic year, students at the University was about 700 more people. Accordingly, the time for the provision of paid services to the population and other forms of work is reduced at the facilities.
According to the Director of the sports complex "Burevestnik" Marat Salikhov, compared to the previous academic year in the pool, the increase in the number of students led to a decrease in paid services by 20 percent.
The number of students will grow for a couple of years. "Silence", for example, as the Director said object Anatoly Sindeev, and added the players (130 people), and skaters (38 students). The latter should increase by about 60 over the next two years through the recruitment of two new courses.
Meanwhile, according to the rector, only a little more funds are allocated from the Federal budget for the implementation of the state order – training of specialists for the sports and tourism industry – than in previous years. Of the 1.5 billion rubles required by the Academy for life and development, the state provides hardly half. The rest of the University needs to earn itself. To do this, the managers of all facilities focus their teams on the most efficient use of resources.
At some sites, the options are limited. For example, the gymnastics Center, according to its Director Lilia Shafeeva, is loaded with events that are called "to the eyeballs" - 75 tournaments, festivals, etc.per year. One and a half events per week, made some simple calculations Lilia Playtown. It is not surprising that the plan to increase income gymnastics center has fulfilled 112%. At the same time managed to reduce the expenditure part.
There are also reserves for growth, as noted by the Director of the center of rowing sports albert Karimov. The next year he sets the team of the object, which has its own hotel "Regatta", the task of more intensive loading. And the rector of the Academy called on the managers and staff of the Center to make more effective use of the facility in terms of providing services to the population, taking into account the fact that it is located in one of the most beautiful recreation areas of Kazan. The successful experiences of CHWS summer health camps for children, which the teacher told Dmitry Rojecki, shows that the object has hit upon the right path…
Summer camps are a hot topic for many people. Including for ice "Zilant" in which the teacher Ekaterina Gubaeva intends to collect change for young skaters with the participation of the coaches on dancing on ice. Parents are very interested in this type of figure skating in Kazan.
Summer shifts are an additional task for the technical services of the facilities, as well as personnel departments. Yusup Yakupov recommended to all Directors to start planning the schedule of summer events taking into account obligatory for each object of prevention already today. And the staff to give the opportunity to relax in the summer. This issue is particularly acute for the staff of the University's catering complex. The head of division Irina Benyaminova at meeting asked the management to help with the solution of this problem. Not an easy task. The power plant year-round serves the facilities of the University and the needs of the educational and laboratory building, which regularly hosts large forums. This summer, the Academy will provide its facilities to the organizers of the next large-scale forum - the world championship of working professions.
Despite the fact that the Academy, by University standards is young, for its facilities 7-10 years of operation-a serious period that requires investment in the renewal of the material base. Especially in conditions of intensive use. In the center of gymnastics, for example, because of the often produced dismantling, according to Lily Shafeeva, worn gymnastic carpets.
Almost all the facilities with swimming pools – and there are three of them at the Academy-engineers reported on the replacement and repair of equipment during the year. But the upgrade process is ongoing at all sites. Locker rooms, showers, toilets, gyms, faucets, sports equipment, exercise equipment, lighting lamps... Just have time to repair and change. In" Zilant " and some other objects require replacement of lighting. The tennis Academy changed the worn-out court covers, in the" Petrel " gradually change the glazing of the facade of the building, updated the artificial lawn, falling asleep a few tons of rubber crumbs.
But in some cases, major repairs can be avoided. It is no coincidence that the rector strongly recommends to act ahead of the curve and to deal with a small problem until it has acquired the scale of the disaster...
By the way, if we talk about the effective mode of economy, then almost all the facilities managers reported on the implementation of work or plans for the complete replacement of lighting lamps with new, energy-saving. They, by the way, and sports halls better cover. According to the rector, the conversion to new energy-saving technologies is a significant resource of cost savings. Perhaps today all these activities require large investments, but in the long term they should bring tangible results. But the employees of the ULC have already felt the effect of preventive maintenance of equipment. As reported by the Manager of the training and laboratory building albert Kamaletdinov, specialized chemical cleaning of heat exchangers was carried out in the summer to improve heat transfer and increase efficiency. And in the classrooms, and the offices of members of the corps in the winter has become much warmer.