Firuza Zotova: the uniqueness of our projects is that they can be immediately implemented and get the desired effect!

26.12.2018 в 18:29
Firuza Zotova: the uniqueness of our projects is that they can be immediately implemented and get the desired effect!

Three students of the Volga region Academy of sports became the owners of scholarships of the mayor of Kazan in 2018. At the ceremony in the Kazan city Hall, the head of the city Ilsur Metshin presented diplomas to master's degree student Ilya Zemlenukhin, second-year student of the faculty of sports Irina Kolchina and 3-year student of the faculty of physical culture Victoria Plastinina.
Victoria Plastinina was awarded a prize by the mayor for your project Studio of early development "Growing together", developed together with the supervisor, the assistant Professor of adaptive physical culture and life safety, Larissa Kasnakovo. The project involves the organization of activities in children's clubs for children with disabilities. Classes are proposed to be held in off-peak hours of loading to reduce the cost of rent. Ilya Zemlianuhin together with his supervisor, associate Professor Department of biomedical disciplines Naila Davletova continues to collect dividends from the public with his project dedicated to minimizing the risks of skin diseases in wrestlers. Irina Kolchina earned recognition by entering the competition with the project "Active parent". The idea of the student is realized in co-authorship with the teacher of the Department of medical and biological disciplines Elena Tarasova on the basis of one of the sports facilities of the Volga Academy of sports and tourism-in the Palace of water sports. It is here that the first leisure center for parents waiting for children during training is organized. For them, students and teachers conduct various sports and intellectual activities. 
Among more than 200 scholarship applicants this year, the authors of 71 projects have passed the full-time stage, and the winners were 38 people, including 20 students. "The uniqueness of the projects presented by our students, in their practice-orientation", - said the projector for scientific work and international activities of the Volga Academy, Professor Firuza Zotova. - "I think we liked the ideas we proposed, first of all, because they can be tested immediately and get the desired effect. This is what is called "made in Kazan" and once again confirms the leadership of the city as a socially-oriented, where children with disabilities are taken care of.  And as the sports capital of Russia, where they know not only how to fill the pools, but also how to occupy the parents of pupils of sports schools."
I must say that for the two new holders of scholarships of the mayor of Kazan, this is not the only success in the past year. Ilya Zemlenukhin was among the fellows of the President of Russia, and Victoria Plastinina became the winner of the contest "50 best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan" in the category "Socially significant innovations" with its environmental audit project "Green ball".
With the idea of environmental audit of sports facilities "Green ball", which Victoria helped to implement the scientific supervisor of the project, associate Professor of medical and biological disciplines Elmira Shamsuvaleeva-a student of the Academy previously won the regional stage of the international competition of student projects ENACTUS - 2018. In the semifinals in Moscow, the project Plastinina also received high marks from the jury. "Green ball" involves expert assessment, preparation of recommendations and economic calculation of the expected economic benefits from the introduction of environmental technologies at the facilities. It can be used to improve the appearance and internal content of modern sports facilities, actively use biodegradable materials, reduce energy costs…
- Vika is a very talented, says Elvira Samsaliev. – For such students we create all conditions for self-realization. We hold Cathedral conferences, motivate to participate. Gradually, students gain experience in protecting their ideas. And this is not an academic practice. This skill is now becoming an independent profession: to invent, present and implement projects. Classic scene from modern serials: as a boy in a stylish suit speaks to respectable uncles, who give him a couple of minutes to convince them of the need to invest in the project is realized…