Graduation 2019: bright and with love!

08.07.2019 в 10:24
Graduation 2019: bright and with love!

On Saturday, the Volga region Academy of sports and tourism released bachelors from the faculties of physical culture, service and tourism and sports. This year, 605 students completed the undergraduate course at the University. "In the first year we started with a mark of 244 people - recalled in his speech, the rector of the Volga Academy Yusup Yakubov. — The diploma gives the status and opportunities, the main thing — to dispose of them correctly, to choose a worthy path and not to forget the native walls of the Volga Academy". 




Among the stars of bachelors of the University this year — the football player of CSKA Ilzat Akhmetov, volleyball club "Zenit-Kazan" Laurent Alekno and Andrew Surmacki, snowboarder, champion of the Universiade-2019 Milena Bykova and other athletes included in national teams of Tatarstan and Russia in their sports.




The brightest moment of graduation, however, was not related to sports or studies. Danil Tomas, who studied in the direction of "Mini-football", right on the stage made an offer of marriage to the athlete Albina Safiullina, also a student of the Academy. She said Yes.

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