Mikhail Smolkin: Sadreev - piece goods

08.02.2022 в (18:57)
Mikhail Smolkin: Sadreev - piece goods

Mikhail Smolkin, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Volga State University of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism, director of the Sports Training Center, commented to the correspondent of the Tatar-inform news agency on the silver medal of Tatarstan ski jumper Danil Sadreev at the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Recall that the Russian ski jumping team took second place in the Olympic team competition. According to Smolkin, Tatarstan has been going to the medals of the Olympic Games in the discipline of ski jumping for a long time.

"You remember, we had Nabeev, Panin… Our jumpers and biathletes occupied the entire podium at the domestic competitions. But there was such competition at the Olympics that their level was not enough to compete for medals. And here everything came together. Sadreev is young, but he has already begun to reveal himself as a person and an athlete, and in Beijing he entered the elite of jumpers in the company of the most famous athletes," Smolkin said.

The expert also spoke about the high potential of Sadreev, calling the Tatarstan athlete a piece product. "One can only imagine what potential he has! You will notice that Danil has set a springboard record! And there was a headwind that helped him to soar, and in accordance with today's rules, he had a lot of compensation — a lot of points were taken off — and he "flew" to seventh place. In ski jumping, a sportsman of this class is a "piece product". Sadreev is our next nugget, who grew up thanks to the selfless work of his personal trainer Nikolai Gerasimov, who puts his soul into his students.

And at the same time, we can talk about our Tatarstan jumping school. About the system created in the republic, which consistently produces cool athletes. But this is the case when the grain needs good soil - conditions for training. With us, they leave much to be desired. Trampolines, both in Kazan and in Leninogorsk, are 4 with a minus. There are a lot of talented kids, their own coaching school. This sport deserves to invest in its development and strengthening of the material base," Smolkin said.