Registration for vaccination of university employees and students is underway

23.11.2022 в (14:27)
Registration for vaccination of university employees and students is underway

The staff and students of the Volga Region University of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism will be vaccinated against influenza and the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19).

The department of health care organization of the university informs that you can sign up for the vaccination at the medical centers of the university until November 24. The place and time of vaccination will be informed additionally.

According to the information provided by Alfia Badrutdinova, head of the Health Protection Organization Department of the Volga Region State University, the 2009 H1N1 flu strain (swine flu) will enter Tatarstan this year. Over the past two years there have been very few cases of influenza in the country - in 2020 there was no influenza at all, and in 2021 there was only one. Tatarstanis now have reduced immunity to influenza, which increases the risk of illness. People over 60 years old, pregnant women, children, students, employees of educational institutions, people suffering from chronic diseases, including lung diseases, cardiovascular diseases, obesity are at high risk for severe course of influenza.

"Specialists point out that a peculiarity of the coming epidemic season could be a mixed infection from influenza and a new coronavirus infection. The period from September to December is the best time to get yourself and your loved ones vaccinated before the infection begins to spread. It is best to vaccinate in advance so that immunity can build up before the outbreak of the disease. Immunity to the disease develops within two weeks after the shot," says the head of the health organization department at Volga University.

The vaccine will be administered against influenza and against the new coronavirus infection - Gam-CovID-Vac (Sputnik V), and intranasal administration of Gam-Covid-Vac using spray nozzles as well as simultaneous administration of vaccines against the new coronavirus infection and influenza is also allowed.