Russian ski track-2019: useful tips

08.02.2019 в 18:26
Russian ski track-2019: useful tips

On February 9, 2019 in Kazan and municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan will be held open all-Russian mass ski race " ski Track of Russia-2019 "and Republican competition"ski Track of Tatarstan – 2019". Kazan has been a regular participant of the ski movement since 2005. It is expected that on February 9, at least 20 thousand residents of the city will take part in the traditional races, including students of the Volga region Academy of sports and tourism. In Kazan, the starts will be held at three sites - in Gorkinsko-Ometevsk forest in the floodplain of Kazanka on the street Gavrilova, in stadium "locomotive" in the village of Yudino.
It is expected that more than half a million people will go on the track all over Russia. More and more outdoor enthusiasts on this day get up on skis to participate in the mass start. For them, systematic physical training and sports are a way of life, and participation in a mass race is a good tradition. Is it necessary to prepare for the race in order to" Ski track of Russia " passed without negative consequences for health? If you do not train constantly, then it is pointless to start preparing now. This advice is given by a skier with experience, senior lecturer of the Department of theory and methodology of cyclic sports of the Volga Academy of sports and tourism Ilya Filippov.
"If there is no constant training process, it makes no sense to try to improve your physical shape in three or four days. It is physiologically impossible, - he comments. - You can once or twice to get up on skis, so that there was no surprise — came on Saturday to the competition, got up on skis, and you forgot how to do it."
On Saturday, February 9, in Kazan is expected minus 13-minus 15 degrees (data taken from the portal Gismeteo). Master of sports in cross-country skiing Denis Filimonov called this temperature comfortable and advised to wear thermal underwear under the ski overalls. Teacher of the Volga Academy of sports and tourism Ilya Filippov also asks not to wear a lot of things. The athlete should be comfortable, he reminds. Both skiers agreed that you need to take a change of clothes for the race. At least a replaceable top — a t-shirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket.
A proper Breakfast is required before the ski run. The choice of experts fell on the porridge, and what it is-a matter of taste: oatmeal, buckwheat, rice, wheat, etc.
We remind that those who wish to take part in the celebration of sports and healthy lifestyle need to go through the registration procedure, where participants need to present personal data and a certificate of medical admission, as well as get a starter kit – a breast plate and a cap in the credentials Committee (press center of the Central stadium, Tashayak street, 2).
Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular sports in Tatarstan. At the end of 2018, the number of people involved in skiing in the country amounted to more than 26 thousand people. At the same time on start "Ski tracks of Russia-2018" and "the Ski track of Tatarstan" was published more than 169 thousand people from Tatarstan.