Soft skills for summary, the status of volunteer for the soul

28.08.2019 в 17:23
Soft skills for summary, the status of volunteer for the soul

On the closing day of the 45th world championship in professional skills WorldSkills Kazan-2019 Vice-rector for administrative work and social development of the Volga Academy Ilshat Faizullin met in the village of the Universiade with University students who participated in this large-scale event as volunteers.
The meeting was attended by not all 40 "academicians" (two of them graduates), which the University delegated to the volunteer corps of the championship. 16 of them, according to Maria Vorobyeva ex-heads of sector on work with volunteers of University student councils, was originally assigned to the "Kazan-arena" on direction "animation ceremony and parade ceremony". For them, WorldSkills Kazan 2019 began long before the official start.  Namely, since the beginning of preparations for the opening ceremony of the championship. And after the start of the competition, they were preparing for the closing ceremony for two weeks, and on this day in the morning were at the Kazan arena.
Many volunteers who came to the meeting with the Vice-rector, soon after it had to take over the watch in their areas of work. They all last two weeks spent in Kazan Expo - the main competition venue of the Championships. And were full of bright impressions. But Ilshat Parkulovich primarily interested in "baggage" with which the student volunteers come into the new school year.
- It's important what you got by spending these two weeks at WorldSkills. For someone, the reward was participation in the opening and closing ceremonies, but much more important training program, the opportunity to work in an international team, to acquire the necessary skills... No one, by the way, never overslept for a shift? If not, then you are not a real volunteer!  the Provost said, laughing.
But, for joke followed a serious conversation:
- Many employers note in the resume volunteer experience of candidates for certain positions. We need special competencies, soft skills-flexible skills that can appear only after working together in a team. In the future, all this, I am sure, is monetized in the process of finding a job. Participation in the volunteer movement opens a new path for you. Although volunteering is not calculated in money, it helps, including in the profession. I ask you to share your experience with the freshmen who entered the Volga Academy this year. Let them use their chance to be better.
Ilshat Parkulovich conveyed to the students greetings from the rector of the Academy Yusup Yakubov. And those, showing a creative approach, immediately organized a video card. Soft skills, however!