SUPER League of ASB goes to Kazan

05.02.2019 в 11:02
SUPER League of ASB goes to Kazan

The Volga region Academy of sports and tourism from 15 to 17 February 2019 will host the semifinal stage of The student super League Of the Association of student basketball among women's teams. Six girls ' basketball teams from St. Petersburg (NSU them.Lesgaft), Ivanovo (ISUCT), Cheboksary (CSU-Atlanta, Perm (SHORT PC), Tyumen (Guard-TIU) and Kazan (Patchset) will meet on the floor of the sports hall of the academic building of the Volga state Academy.
Women's basketball team of the Academy of sports this year for the first time became a member of the Superfinal and is now in second place, behind the difference of goals scored and conceded Perm basketball players. "We will play for the result", - says the coach of" academicians " Natalia Kuleshova, because the composition of the finalists of the student super League will not change. But the points earned in the semifinals, will go to the standings to determine the winner.
Entrance is free for spectators. Come, it's gonna be hot!