"Talk about the profession": Academy coaches about their work

22.06.2020 в 17:32

The Volga state Academy of physical culture, sports and tourism trains coaches in 20 sports. In each of them, the University is represented annually by one or even two teams at national and international student tournaments. This is not an accident. The rector of the Academy Yusup Yakubov is deeply convinced that a good coach during the years of study at the University can only become if all this time you train yourself and participate in starts under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Therefore, the coaches of the national teams of the University - including graduates of the master's program-have a special mission: to become not only a source of theoretical knowledge for students, but also to show by personal example what it means to be a coach.
We present the mentors of the Academy teams with their personal philosophical view of the coaching profession:
Alexey Popov, head coach of the Academy's men's national handball team:
- I like working with children. This is the most important thing for the coaching profession. And this is very difficult. You need to find an approach to the child, motivate him to achieve results and work for the sake of results. For a coach, happiness is when a student (and a student is, in many ways, still a child) understands you. And when you see that he, having understood and done as you advised him, achieves something…  This is the main motivation.
 Andrey Polikarpov, head coach of the Academy's men's and women's national Rugby teams:
- I've been playing Rugby since I was a child and I can't imagine myself without this game. Unfortunately, it was not possible to continue the player's career due to health problems. But the game does not let go, pulls on the field. Fortunately, at the University we still play at the very initial level, so sometimes I go out myself to help the guys. In fact, a coach can make a good living in Rugby. It all depends on the level. If you work with professionals, for example. But you always have to start your career with enthusiasm. I like the element of pedagogy in my work. I consider myself lucky to work with students. They are easy to deal with, they are already old enough, they come to the team themselves, they work with a desire, they try to absorb the information that I try to convey to them as much as possible... I like to do this, and I am inclined to continue to develop in this direction. With each next training session, the process drags on. Besides, Rugby is developing in the country, and I think it will be a prestigious profession in the future.