"Talk about the profession": Academy coaches about their work-2

23.06.2020 в 17:32

The Volga state Academy of physical culture, sports and tourism trains coaches in 20 sports. In each of them, the University is represented annually by one or even two teams at national and international student tournaments. This is not an accident. The rector of the Academy Yusup Yakubov is deeply convinced that a good coach during the years of study at the University can only become if all this time you train yourself and participate in starts under the guidance of an experienced mentor. Therefore, the coaches of the national teams of the University - including graduates of the master's program-have a special mission: to become not only a source of theoretical knowledge for students, but also to show by personal example what it means to be a coach.
We present the mentors of the Academy teams with their personal philosophical view of the coaching profession:
Vladimir Gogolin, honored rowing coach of Russia:
"It's my favorite job. I like to do this, so I give myself to the process completely and completely. I literally run to practice every day. The buzz from this work, when you achieve results. For a long time, you strive for a goal, but you don't always manage to achieve it the first time. But when something has turned out, it is doubly pleasant! And it is also inspiring when not only you, but also the guys strive to become the strongest. We got to the world Cup, we want to prove ourselves there… In General, there were no thoughts that it was time to finish, and there is no.
Natalia Kuleshova, head coach of the University's women's basketball team:
I've wanted to be a coach since I was 10. Because I had an example - my personal trainer, a very good person. I love my profession, I love to watch children make something of themselves. We can see the results of our work in two years. You know what you did well and what didn't work out. And then-the gratitude of the pupils. I'm lucky, they're mostly grateful. In addition, the coach is creative. I tried to work in the school. I realized it wasn't mine. Here you can try, create, and search for something new. I had a moment when I wanted to give up everything. Emotionally burned out, couldn't stand the load. I seriously thought about leaving. But, apparently, the higher forces did not give. There was a call from the management of "Kazanochka", they offered to work with the youth team. I decided to stay in the profession and did not regret it. I am in demand, I work well. I will leave only when I understand that my ideas have run out.
Alex Kaplun, coach of Taekwondo Academy:
- I chose my profession a long time ago, in 1999, when I was a student. And he hasn't cheated on her since. Sometimes thoughts still arise, but the students ' victories inspire them to continue moving, keep them in the profession. It helps that we have a lot of tournaments. Almost every week. We don't have to get bored, the schedule is tight, and we are setting more and more difficult tasks. The ultimate goal is the Olympics. But the main thing that attracts is the desire of students to achieve their goals, their dedication. It is a pleasure to work with those who strive for high results.