The prize straight to the gym!

01.02.2019 в 14:05
The prize straight to the gym!

On February 2-3, "Academy-Kazan "will host" Tarkhan "from Sterlitamak in the sports complex" Burevestnik "in the matches of the championship of the Russian volleyball League"A". Our team approaches these meetings, significantly improving the game and tournament position.
In the previous round, "academicians" played at a party with one of the leaders of the championship Nizhny Novgorod ask. Both matches ended with the score 3: 1. The only difference is that in the first victory the hosts celebrated, and in the second – the team "Academy". We will note that the first guest victory after change on the trainer's bridge wards of Maxim Maksimov won a round earlier in Barnaul, having overcome with the score 3:2 "University".
Tomorrow "academicians" will face one of the outsiders of the championship. Volleyball players from Sterlitamak occupy the 11th place in the standings. But recent home matches with " Spark "(located in the penultimate place), which ended with the defeat of" Academy " (2:3) clearly demonstrated what is fraught with underestimation of the opponent.
The winning attitude of "academicians", of course, will provide a small ceremony before the meeting. The fact is that" Academy-Kazan " at the end of 2018 was recognized as the best student team of the Volga region Academy of sports, becoming a three-time winner of the all-Russian summer Universiade. But the guys and the coaching staff were not able to attend the awards ceremony, as they held away matches. Therefore, tomorrow the rector of the University Yusup Yakubov will give the team a diploma and a gift right in the gym, at a special improvised ceremony.