Volga region Academy of sports and tourism for Champions in life

01.02.2019 в 14:22
Volga region Academy of sports and tourism for Champions in life

Until February 1, school graduates need to decide on the subjects of the exam, which are needed for further admission to the University. Many of them have already chosen educational institutions where they plan to continue their education. Traditionally, a high competition is expected for admission to the Volga state Academy of physical culture, sports and tourism. There was an open day on January 26. What is interesting to University entrants?
The Volga region Academy is one of the most dynamically developing educational institutions in Kazan. In 2011, having a 40-year history of the University, "returned" to the capital of the Republic from Naberezhnye Chelny and received a new Federal status, settling on the basis of the sports cluster of the Universiade. For 7 years, the Academy has become the leader of the national ranking of sports universities in the country. Today, more than 3,000 students from 72 regions of Russia and 14 foreign countries study at the Academy. Students are offered the infrastructure, which will be envied by many educational institutions: educational and laboratory building, 8 modern sports facilities and accommodation in the Universiade Village, located within walking distance from the academic building.
- On a set of freshmen we are among the leaders in 2018 took more than a thousand people-says the rector of the Volga Academy Yusup Yakubov. - 80% of our students study at budget places. Our students are special – talented, disciplined, responsible. Adequately represent the University in Russian competitions and contests. Among them are scholars of the Russian and national level. 6% of students are high-class athletes, world and European Champions, participants of the Olympic games.
There are three faculties to choose from: sports, physical education, service and tourism. The recruitment plan for the new school year is not less than last year. The main thing for students planning to enter the physical education areas, to choose and pass exams in biology and Russian language. Besides, it is necessary to pass entrance tests in the form of practical testing on the General physical preparation and the chosen sport.
Executive Secretary of the admission Committee of the Academy Ravil Nabiullin said that football, hockey, athletics and cross-country skiing are popular among students. In these areas, the competition is growing every year. Increasingly, young people choose the direction of training and "Adaptive physical education". The country needs specialists to develop an inclusive environment.
For the first time this year will be set in the bachelor's degree in the specialty "fitness", two more popular educational programs will appear in the master's degree. This is the profile of "sports analyst" and "functional training".
Elite sport is associated with the continuous gathering, training, and competitions. But the forced absence of students in the classroom is able to compensate for the remote portal of the Volga Academy. Time to get acquainted with the course of lectures, to perform the necessary tasks without falling out of the educational process, to keep in touch with teachers – this is the key to successful completion of the session.
For students who do not associate their lives with professional sports, the Volga region Academy offers relevant areas of training in the labor market - "tourism", "service" and "hotel business". By the way, the master's program in service, accredited in the Volga region Academy, the only one in the country!
- There are few budget places and the competition reaches 30 people per place, - says Ravil Nabiullin. - But the quality of students is very high. Many disciplines are read by teachers-practitioners, a number of subjects are taught in English.
- Today you are facing a choice of profession and University? I think that the Volga region Academy is one of the best options for obtaining modern education using all modern technologies, - said the rector Yusup Yakubov in his speech to applicants and their parents. The parterre of the concert hall of the University, designed for 600 seats, was completely filled. Among the participants of the open Day are representatives of 19 regions of Russia and 28 municipalities of the Republic.
A good tool for admission to the Academy entrants is not only the presence of sports titles, but also participation in the Olympics. As part of the open doors Day, high school students and winners of the Republican Olympiad in physical culture were honored from the stage. All of them will receive additional points, as well as the owners of the TRP insignia.
At the end of the Day, students and parents got acquainted with the infrastructure of the University. We visited the houses of the Universiade Village, where nonresident students of the Academy are settled, looked into the sports and gym of the educational building. By the way, the entire sports infrastructure of the Academy students use for free.
Today, sport and tourism are important trends for the city, the Republic and the country. New facilities are being built, projects are being implemented, teams are being formed. Qualified specialists are needed everywhere. Volga Academy lives under the motto " Learn to win!"and raises Champions in life, no matter in what industry, its graduates realize themselves.