Young researchers of the Volga Region University took prizes in the scientific conference "Lesgaft"

15.04.2022 в (15:12)
Young researchers of the Volga Region University took prizes in the scientific conference "Lesgaft"

Students of the Volga Region University of Sports and Tourism proved themselves at the All-Russian scientific and practical conference of young researchers with international participation "A man in the world of Sports", which was held at the P.F. Lesgaft University.

Following the results of the conference, two students under the scientific guidance of the acting head of the Department of Theory and Methods of Gymnastics Lyubov Botova took prizes in their nominations. Both works were devoted to the topic of improving the system of training athletes of various ages and qualifications.

Lina Lavreshina took the honorable second place in the nomination "The best report among undergraduates" with her work on the topic "Methods of teaching gymnasts 9-10 years old to turn back a lot with a 360° turn on uneven bars", which will help the coach to build the right technique at the training stage. "Participation in the conference is primarily an opportunity to tell the audience about our topic and raise topical issues. At first glance, everything in gymnastics seems simple, but in fact every element, every action requires detailed study," Lina commented on her performance.

In the nomination "The best report among students", Polina Ministinova was awarded a diploma of the third degree. Her work on the topic "Analysis of biomechanical characteristics of the element "horizontal emphasis on the elbow" in sports acrobatics" also has direct practical application in coaching. According to Polina, scientific and practical conferences are a great chance for students to prove themselves in the professional field, as well as an opportunity to get an independent assessment of their work. "The jury's questions give a vector in which direction it is worth studying this topic more thoroughly and how to improve scientific work," the student noted. - Also, such conferences teach how to speak to the public and present their works. It's getting easier every time," Polina shared.

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