Head of Library – Tatyna Korchagina

Librarian – Marina Kudryavtseva  
Librarian – Elmira Nurgazizova
Library is located in the building of Indoor swimming pool «Burevestnik», 1st floor, 3 room
Opening hours:
subscription: Monday – Friday 9.00 till 19.30
electronic reading hall: Monday - Friday 9.00 till 19.30
                                 Saturday - 9.00 till 17.00
Lunch hour: 13.00 till 13.30

Rules and regulations


  • Library card is required.


  • Academic literature is issued for a period of one semester.


  • Number of simultaneously issued literature generally not regulated. Circulation of copies in high demand can be limited however.


  • Additional literature is issued for a period of 14 – 20 days. In very specific cases circulation of copies in high demand can be limited to 1 – 3 days.


  • Encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, legal documents are available in the reading hall only.


  • Readers can get a card to use electronic library system "KNIGAFOND".


  • Readers are required to take care of books and other materials obtained from the library and return them on time.


FULL TEXT DATABASE/Materials of educational process
•    Electronic Library System "Knigafond". Textbooks for all subjects. Access by individual cards. Cards are issued at the library.
•    Lecture texts of tutors, access from Web pages of Departments
•    Electronic library collection. Access from laptops in reading hall, for issue

RUSSIAN SPORT LIFE Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation Minsitry of Youth Affairs, Sport and Tourism of the Republic of Tatarstan SPORT RUSSIA National Information Network

INTERNET RESOURCES/ Encyclopedias, reference literature