One of the most remarkable long-term trends, following the world’s economy development is a steady strengthening of the tourism’s positions and influence on the world’s economy as a whole, and on separate regions and countries in particular. Today it becomes clear, that tourism is turning into a large independent economy’s industry for a number of countries, and Russia is among them. Russia’s current trends depict that the industry heads to satisfy the recreational needs of the population.

Modern tourism is developing fast, and the demand for touristic goods and services is increasing steadily. Such development tempo characterizes most of touristic industry indicators in many countries.

According to World Travel and Tourism  Council, Russia will enjoy touristic boom within the coming 10 years, entering the world leaders  top three. Moreover, Russia has got all the chances to become a new touristic Mecca. By the year of 2014 Russia is expected to reach the second world’s place on touristic industry investments volume.

An expected sharp rise in the number of tourism industry vacancies implies optimistic forecasts for Russian part in the international arena. Social, political and economical progress made tourism available to broad layers of population. The sharp rise of tourists pushed forward touristic infrastructure development together with its core component, which is an accommodation segment, looking for its share in the business. Hotels in modern conditions have to fight for their spot under the sun, looking forward to develop their business, when possible.

The recent economy slowdown, took place in the most of the developed countries, has intensified competitive contests in the accommodation segment of the hospitality market.

Supporting one’s existence and development of business activity are the two key important fields for the touristic enterprises worldwide. Some of them are already aware of the fact and taking the necessary measures with the objective to meet the stable future via satisfying the changing needs of the clients and stimulating the following applications for touristic services.

Changes, took place in the field of telecommunication, mass media and related technologies, contributed significantly to increase the tourists’ demands for the service quality, personnel proficiency and variety of touristic services available for clients. Therefore, there is not a chance, that clients will put up with poor service. Many companies realised, that they can’t ignore any more the developing markets as well as new approaches towards management and new technologies.

Volga Region State Academy of Physical Culture, Sport and Tourism realises education in the fields of service and tourism, which are closely interconnected for the beneficial development of both parts.